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America's Longest Fun Run

June 1 - June 3, 2017

A 200-mile team-building fitness event
in memory of CWO4 Tom Brooks
U.S. Coast Guard
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Welcome to the Tom’s Run Web site.  Please use the Application menu above to download the official Tom’s Run Relay Team Application.

Applications that include T-shirt or medal orders must be received by April 17,2017.
All other applications must be received by May 1, 2017.

Don't Forget the Pre-race dinner in the Ramada Inn Cumberland at 6:30 PM on Thursday June 1, 2017!

Tom's Run 2015 Slide Show

Event News and Announcements

WELCOME to the Tom's Run Relay Web site.  Tom's Run is an annual event held on the weekend after Memorial Day.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  See event news bits below.

In keeping with the times, check the #tomsrunrelay at twitter for news beginning May '17.

For questions or information about Tom's Run, please write:


Check the toolbox for leg planner, equipment list and other helpful information.  All team members must sign a Disclaimer.  The Island of Lost Runners is a list of runners looking for a team to join.  If you want to be on it, write me an e-mail with your name, location, and the best way to contact you at Admin@tomsrunrelay.org.
Event News  September 26 - We "officially" closed this year's Tom's Run.  My challenge is to get the slide show working now that Google has phased out Picassa.  Not so easy with Google photos.  So, that is the holdup for really closing this year's event.  Hoping for a break while we explore some exciting new partnerships for next year.  I'll send one more message once the slide show is sorted out on our web site.  Until then, keep moving.

August 5, 2016 -
We are closing out this year's event.  We received the T-shirts and medals are posting them to the remaining teams.  I am still looking for pictures to make up our 2016 slide show.  Please let me know if you have any contributions.  I expect we will be finished in the next 2 weeks.  More later.

June 28, 2016 -
We are in the process of closing out Tom's Run for 2016.  Getting our accounting sorted out.  The second shirt and medal order has been placed.  It will likely be 5 weeks before everything is delivered.  Then, I will make arrangements to get the goods to everyone who ordered.  Still looking for pictures we can add to our 201 slide show.  Please let me know if you need anything.

June 1, 2016 -
I have a partially updated course map for 2016.  We got as far as Brunswick with better directions and pictures.  I will try e-mailing to the team leaders.  Or, contact me for a copy.  Unfortunately, it is about 10MB and I cannot upload it to a link here.

Only a few days to go.  No disruptions on the towpath.  Be safe.  See you on the trails.

May 20, 2016 -
Mixed Nuts is planning a training run at White's Ferry 0900 on 22 May.  A window in the rain is forecast until early afternoon.

Only 2 couple weeks to go!   Weather will be perfect. 

May 10, 2016 -
Okay, so here is our lineup for this year's event.  24 teams, 352 runners, including one deployed National Guardsman Steve in Qatar.  Not bad at all! Thank you for joining us at this year's Tom's Run.  I am still looking for registration money from some teams and this needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.  Recall, the finish this year is the same as last year - Pavilion B at the far end of Fort Hunt Park, 1100 June 5th.  Guy Towler is running solo this year and leaves a day ahead of everyone else.  Think about that Sunday morning when you are looking for a Starbucks.  I'll pass more information as I get it.  Plan ahead.  The weather will be perfect??!!!  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need information.  If you have any trouble getting a room at the Ramada Cumberland, ask for Brianna Parsons.  She is very good to us and is the hotel sales manager.  More later......

May 3, 2016 -
5 days to go until the second application deadline.....and we still have teams signing up.  As it stands, we have 22 teams and about 350 people.  I'll get a final head count next week.  This time of year, I am always anxious that I'll have to run the bloody thing by myself.  Thank you all for ensuring I'll have company.  I have heard that there is some confusion about rooms at the Ramada.  Brianna Parsons is the sales rep at the Ramada and she blocked off 30 rooms with the promise of more if we need them.  Brianna is very cool and has been good to us.  Please ask for Brianna at the Ramada number shown below if you have any problems getting a room reservation.  And please let me know if you continue to have problems.  More later.....

April 21, 2016 -
Only a few more days until team applications that include shirts and medals are due - April 25.  So far, we have four team including the USCGC Mellon.  They're running around the flight deck or some other wild, crazy, fabulous thing.  This time of year drives me nuts because I wonder if anyone is going to be at the finish.

April 18, 2016 -
Shirts, medals, dinner, and lunch arrangements are complete.  We only need a head count.  ONLY 1 WEEK UNTIL TEAM APPLICATIONS ARE DUE.  PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.  We are working on updating the course map.  The previous version is still good; we're trying to make it better with more pictures and directions.

March 22, 2016 -
I am making arrangements and finding that our costs are going up.  So, I have to raise prices this year to cover our costs.  I think we can keep the shirts at $20.  But I must raise the registration fee from $12 per runner to $14.  Sorry about that, but needed to keep afloat.  Eh....this is the first adjustment in about 7 years and it goes toward the course permit, lunch at the end, and medals.  Will adjust the applications accordingly.

February 17, 2016 -
Welcome to the 18th annual Tom's Run.  The course map and the three types of applications have been updated for this year's event.  I hope to also make the web site nicer, upgrade the Course Map to make it more useful, and, if possible, include an online registration and payment option.  This year's shirt color is bright orange.  You can see the color by using URL www.atayne.com,  searching on "Men's Short Sleeve Raglan REC T Crew Neck," and  looking for the color "Fire."  As usual, we will be offering men's and women's short and long sleeve shirts at the same $20 cost as last year (and hoping the money works out).

November 27, 2015 -
Welcome to the 19th annual Tom's Run.  The 2017 event will be held from Thursday June 1 to Saturday June 3.  The applications and course map have NOT been updated yet for 2017.  I plan to do that by the start of 2017  I hope to completely rewrite the course map to make it more useful, helpful, and easier to follow.  Evan Weber, Karin Goodwin, and Noah Egge volunteered to help and I am very grateful.

This is the place to look for Tom's Run news.  Plus, if you wish, I can add you to my team captain distribution list.

June is not that far away and we are looking forward to another great year.  Remember, Tom's Run is not about running away from each other, but with each other.  It is a unique event for everyone.

Please contact me at admin@tomsrunrelay.org if you have questions about the 2017 event. More to follow.  Let me know if you have suggestions for a great race.

Event History

Tom's Run is held annually to promote fitness, team building, and community.  The event is named in honor of CWO4 Tom Brooks, USCG, who contracted Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) in early 1999.  Tom was an avid fitness promoter.  He had a reputation for persuading couch potatoes to get up and get moving.  When Tom was diagnosed with ALS, his friends decided to show their appreciation for the inspiration Tom had given them by organizing this event in his honor. So, Tom's Run is about people. Tom's Run is about who we are as runners and teammates and friends.

The Course

The race starts in Cumberland, Maryland sometime after midnight on the first day (Saturday). Runners, accompanied at all times by a bike escort, take turns in a relay run entirely along the historic C&O Canal towpath to Georgetown in Washington, DC. From there, the course continues down the Potomac River waterfront in Washinton, DC, past the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, crosses the Potomac River and connects with the Mount Vernon Trail to Alexandria, Virginia. The finish is at Fort Hunt Park near Mt. Vernon. The run proceeds through Saturday and ends when the teams cross the finish line together as close to 11:00 AM on Sunday as possible. Finishing at 11:00 AM presents the logistical challenge of determining the most advantageous time to start after midnight on Saturday and getting all the team members together for the finish.  Runners are on the course during the entire run, including at night.  Other logistical challenges are keeping everyone fed and rested, determining the best places along the course to exchange runners and bikers, and finding those places along the many difficult rural roads accessing the canal.  For a copy of the course description with directions to the exchange points, click HERE (2016 version).

The Point

The unofficial Tom's Run record is 23:30:00.  The official finish time is 11:00 am.  So, teams that before 11 AM have time added to their race time up to 11 AM.  Finishing early is not a benefit.  The challenge, therefore, for a team wanting to finish as fast as possible, is being able to judge the start time and maintain the team's pace to finish precisely at 11 AM. 

That said, Tom's Run is NOT a race!!! It is a team-building, memorial fitness event. The POINT is not to reach the finish line first, but to reach it together. Oh! .... and to have a lot of fun along the way. That said, a little trash-talking and competition among teams is probably a healthy thing that makes the event fun. 


The run kicks off with a group dinner at the Ramada Inn, Cumberland, MD at 6:30 PM on Friday, June 1, 2017.  T-shirts will be avalable to teams at the dinner. The event finish includes lunch and medals.


The best place for reservations is probably the Ramada Inn, Cumberland, MD, 301-724-8800.  A block of rooms is set aside each year at a discount for Tom's Run teams.  You can make reservations with the desk.  Ask to talk to Brianna Persons and mention Tom's Run if there are any problems or write to me at admin@tomsrunrelay.org.  The Federal Government rate for a two-person room is about $77.00. They have been very good to us. To make a reservation at the government rate or for other rooms at the regular rate, please contact the hotel.

If you need other information, e-mail Admin@tomsrunrelay.org

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